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Here you will find a variety of happiness-generating resources including short summaries on popular books written about happiness, Happiness Stories videos showing people from all walks of life finding happiness doing all manner of things in all types of places, as well as samples of my media appearances.

Hi. I’m Dr Bruce Wells. I am a happiness expert, professional speaker, author, and media commentator. Research over the past ten years has shown that when you are happier you are more engaged and productive at work, can maintain your attention span for longer periods, are more creative, are a better team player, are more likely to choose healthy behaviours, have more friends, enjoy more fulfilling relationships, and are more generally satisfied with life. And my role is to help you achieve this.

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You don't need to wait until you've paid off the mortgage, found your soulmate, or gone on holiday to be happy. The secrets to greater happiness are to be found all around you....if you know where to look. In Happiness Anywhere Anytime I reveal these secrets before guiding you through a 4-step program for taking charge of your own happiness.