Dr Bruce Farnsworth

Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeon






            MPS Multipurpose Sling

MPS Multipurpose Sling 


Declaration of Pecuniary Interest: The A.M.I. Advanced Pelvic Floor System available in Europe and many other parts of the world has been developed by Dr Bruce Farnsworth at the Centre for Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery at Sydney Adventist Hospital based on his personal experience with implantation of over 1500 patients with prostheses in pelvic surgery since 1996. 


The Multipurpose Sling is designed for use in a number of clinical situations as part of the A.M.I. Advanced Pelvic Floor Repair System. It is a firm, non elastic monofilament polypropylene sling for use in the following clinical situations:

  • retropubic suburethral sling for treatment of stress incontinence. The MPS can be inserted from below up or from above down depending on surgeon preference
  • the MPS can be used as a transobturator sling either as an inside out or outside in trocar passage
  • when used in conjunction with a CR Mesh or E Mesh the MPS adds functionality to a prolapse repair where extra attention is needed to reconstruct the Arcus ligaments or provide extra lateral support
  • as a posterior intravaginal sling

MPS  received approval in the European Community when the CE Mark was obtained in November 2007. The MPS achieved TGA Approval in Australia in August 2008.

CR Mesh is manufactured by A.M.I. GmbH Feldkirch Austria. 

It is a component of the A.M.I. Advanced Pelvic Floor Repair System.