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The shoulder joint, unlike the other joints in your body, is very mobile. Normally, your shoulder blades would allow your arms to move and rotate freely. But what if that isn’t how you’ve been feeling lately?

Signs You Have a Dislocated Shoulder

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you think you have a dislocated shoulder.

  • Did I recently hurt myself while playing a physical sport?
  • Did I recently fall hard somewhere?
  • Do I feel like my shoulder looks different than it normally does?
  • Am I having a hard time moving it?
  • Is it bruising or swelling?

No need to panic, but you most probably have a dislocated shoulder. This isn’t an extraordinary event — in fact, because of the mobility of the shoulder, the joint is more prone to dislocations.

Medically speaking, a dislocated shoulder is an injury wherein your upper arm bone comes out of the socket in your shoulder blade. While it’s nothing to be alarmed about, proper medical attention is advised immediately to treat your dislocated shoulder as you may be prone to even more injuries.

Ways to Look Out for A Dislocated Shoulder

While having a dislocated shoulder is not something to panic about, you still have to take a few precautions so that your injury won’t get worse.

As we have said earlier, a professional medical practitioner is your best bet for the ensured healing of your shoulder dislocation. But before the practitioner arrives, there are things you have to remember to avoid further injuries.

  • Avoid moving too much. If possible, have your arm on a sling so to avoid further movement. As your shoulder has been dislocated, the movement may further damage the surroundings of the shoulder joint.
  • Apply ice on the joint. By applying ice, you will help soothe the pain you’re feeling around the area.

Most probably, after a medical practitioner has treated you, your arm will be put in a more stable sling. It will be good for you to know what to do even before the medical practitioner tells you so that you will be familiar with how to care for yourself. At Action Rehab Hand Therapy,  shoulder physiotherapists have been helping people with conditions of the upper limb for almost 20 years and host workshops to assist with the clinical reasoning of conditions of the shoulder.

With this, we have listed a few ways to take care of your shoulder dislocation.

  • Use your sling correctly. Your medical practitioner will give you instructions about how to use your sling. Listen to him or her. Whenever you take your arm out of your sling, do not use your arm.
  • Do not remove your sling. Do not remove your sling at all cost, unless your doctor says it is okay to do so. This will help you heal faster.
  • Refrain from moving your arm. Aside from what your physical therapist says, refrain from moving your arm, especially when it is out of your sling.
  • Do not stress your arm. Likewise, you should not be putting a strain on your arm as this will affect its healing. Avoid using it to hold objects. As much as possible, do not let anything touch it while it is not yet fully healed.
  • Apply ice as needed. You may continue applying ice on your shoulder joint to ease the pain, so as long as you keep the incision dry. Whenever your pain medication is not on a schedule, this is a good substitute for relief.
  • Practice slow and deep breathing. Shoulder dislocation may lead you to suffer from a bearable amount of pain whenever you breathe. Practice slow breathing that comes from the diaphragm to avoid putting too much stress on your shoulders.
  • Follow up an appointment. It isn’t always easy or convenient to see your doctor, but it is necessary to meet him or her from time to time to ensure proper healing of your shoulder. Usually, your doctor will tell you to visit him or her one or two weeks after you have been discharged so he or she could see the progress of your healing.

Taking Care of Your Incision

Aside from your arm, you must remember to take good care of your incision. The incision is the surgical cut made when your shoulder was treated. Here are some ways to take care of it.

  • Keep your incision dry. Except for when you are in the shower, make sure that the bandage covering your incision is as dry as it can be. When it accidentally gets wet, change the dressing that covers it up.
  • Maintain clean hands. Remember to wash your hands whenever you change the dressing. You are allowed to touch only the edges of the dressing to avoid infection.
  • Avoid touching the incision. When your incision is itchy, do not scratch or rub it. When it gets painful, refrain from touching it. Instead, visit your doctor when you cannot take the uncomfortable feeling your incision is giving you.
  • Observe your incision. Update your doctor regularly about what is happening to your incision. Remember that some blood drainage is normal so as long as it drains less as days go by. But if you see any signs of redness, swelling, warmness, heavy drainage, or pain, it will be wise to call your doctor immediately.


Shoulder dislocation may be very painful and uncomfortable, but it is easily treatable so do not hesitate to call your doctor immediately. However, having already had a shoulder dislocation makes you more vulnerable to further injuries in and around your shoulder.

Be more careful the next time you are in a place that makes you prone to falling. Also remember to protect yourself through wearing protective gear, whether it’s for sports or for riding a motorcycle. Regular exercise also promotes flexibility of your muscles, so make working out a part of your routine and you will never be sorry for it.

Make sure to help yourself to avoid getting another shoulder dislocation. There are several ways to prevent this, and it would also be good for you to share this information with your family and friends. Remember that while we oftentimes neglect our personal safety because of busyness or fun, a healthy mind and a healthy body are essential for our productivity.

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It’s no new fact that teenagers often exhibit many irrational behaviours due to their exuberance and effervescent nature. During adolescence, the child acquires vague thinking, impetuous attitudes, reasoning and a high level of attention due to a large number of brain connections that get either pruned or heightened depending on the roles of the parents. It is absolutely important for parents not to fail in their quest to imbibe good morals and essentially good values in their children. Adults are a product of parenting so parents help determine which teenage urges are encouraged and which are dissuaded because the brain of a young child or teenager is very malleable and intelligent. Right treatment does have the power to change lives, but not all providers are the same make sure you find the right psychologist.

Teenage anxiety is inborn and in most cases, if not checked leads to obnoxious behavioural issues. Teenagers often tend to want to flow with their friends in terms of fashion, associations and many more which often makes them want to go to any length to catch up with the pace of the endless requirements to feel among their friends. Teenagers are highly inquisitive largely due to the cortex producing an amazingly large number of brain connections making them want to try out things like sex, drinking, smoking to know the feeling all by themselves. Hormonal changes that accompany adolescence in teenagers often lead to moral decadence like exhibiting acts of contempt towards their parents and other adults, they often feel like they no longer need supervision or counselling thinking they have got all it takes to decide and make their own paths. All these exuberances require adequate parenting to be curbed and good morals being nurtured in young teenagers because if otherwise, the outcome is usually rather unpleasant.

Stealing, raping, drug addiction are common events that take place in the life of most teenagers as a means to satisfy their beckoning desires. These acts often result in depression in teenagers, depression in teenagers have apparent signs and symptoms some of which include sadness and hopelessness- this happens sometimes when a teenager fails countlessly at his or her academics or feels less loved by parents and friends, depending on how bad the situation is, it can lead to suicide or seeking solace in drugs. Another is frequent crying and sobbing especially when being heartbroken by boyfriend or girlfriend, abnormal loss of appetite with frequent shortened sleep due to excessive thinking resulting from devastation, lack of trust in people, withdrawal from family and friends, loss of interest and attraction in things, places and hobbies that were formerly their dearest involvements.

The consequences of neglected parenting on adulthood later in life is not far-fetched, while powerful and devastating experiences may alter the functioning and operation of an adult brain, for children and teenagers, traumatic events and occurrences may change totally the makeup of their brain affecting remarkably how they turn out to become. Sometimes parents don’t know that they are inadvertently neglecting their parenting duties emotionally while being too involved in meeting the financial needs and basic requirements of their children. Emotionally neglected children often grow with a feeling of loneliness and usually suffer from extremely low self-esteem, this greatly prevents them from realizing their greatest potentials and fulfilling whatever dreams they have imagined. Some grow up having communication problems and trust issues and as a result limited in many ways. Many cases have been reported of children sexually abused by nannies while parents get busy making ends meet, children of this sort grow up abhorring the opposite sex or have unnecessarily apathy towards people without realizing the power of associations and relationships.

Children who are products of poor parenting grow up wondering about their own self-worth and value and as a result become frequently paranoid and loneliness becomes a major part of their nature. An adult can only know how to provide empathy, help and respect others if they were raised in that manner because a child’s brain is very malleable and shaped by circumstances. The inability of parents to meet the financial and material needs of a child or teenager creates many symptoms and ultimately mental health problems which can affect the rest of his or her life. Cognitive and language deficits in abused children have also been recorded medically as common effects. Abused and neglected children have shown great impairment in intellectual and verbal intelligence without any clinical evidence of brain impairment. This in return affects their academic performance, their creative abilities and capabilities and renders an adult redundant and unproductive in the society.

With a good knowledge of the consequences of poor parenting and poor guidance of teenagers known, the roles of parents have to be given more scrutiny if they desire a morally, academically and financially equipped adult. For adults that have grown as a result of poor parenting, proper guidance and counselling can help bring them right back on track. The counselling aims at addressing young adult issues that may arise in those people who are in their late teens and early adulthood which may include academic and career challenges, family differences and upheavals, sexual or developmental concerns and many more. Counselling affords an adult a listening ear and a caring heart which in turn pulls the adult from loneliness and secret depression, this is usually accomplished by allowing the adult narrate and share his or her daily ordeal and experiences as well as daily progress. Counselling coupled with therapy allows an addicted adult to do away with any addiction causing moral decadence, however, gradually. Traumatic events, when shared during counselling, causes a lot of relief as studies have shown that one become less burdened after sharing a secret.

In summary, while it is unarguably essential that young children and young teenagers receive proper parenting to avoid inevitable repercussions as adults that might render them unproductive and constituting social miscreants, adults that have experienced poor parenting and sexual abuses are not beyond repairs if proper counselling and therapy are dully provided because it is better late than never.

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The Australian pharmacy sector has been experiencing strident growth in recent times pushing behind convenience channels and grocery and the trend is expected to grow further with online pharmacies having jumped into the fray offering health as well as beauty products. Pharmacy counters are also witnessing a significantly enhanced dollar spend by Australians with the OTC segment witnessing an 11% annual growth compared to 3% garnered by the convenience and grocery sector.

Pharmacies, both online and the brick and mortar variant have now become an attractive destination for shopping with competitive pricing and channel innovation aiding this tumultuous growth. According to a Nielsen Homescan report, more and more Australians are shopping at a pharmacy outlet compared to the preceding years. Within the pharmacy sector, Vitamins have been leading the growth in the pharmacy trade. At eMedical Online Pharmacy, they provide improved access to quality information for their patients, as it has become increasingly difficult for doctors to provide all of this information during consultations.

Retailers are also leveraging an online trade to sustain the uptick in growth. Beauty products, in particular, have experienced significant growth compared to other products. Compared to the past years, some 16% Australian population in the 16+ years age bracket has been consistently buying skincare and perfume products from online sources and the segment is witnessing a 21% annualised growth.

Outside Australia too, online pharmacies have been experiencing healthy growth with emphasis on beauty and health products. China, for instance, has seen a 40% jump in sales compared to the previous year while the sale of personal care products grew by 25% which was 35% more than the previous year. The online pharmacy is also witnessing intense competition, particularly in respect of beauty and health products. Australian online pharmacies, in particular, are also beginning to understand the pattern of consumer motivation for going online rather than walk to a pharmacy counter. Product reviews, product information, product assortment and value for money are among some of the useful features offered by Australian online pharmacies. However, to sustain this growing trend, Australian online pharmacies will need to focus on enhancing the customer experience through various measures. Providing increased reviews and product information at regular intervals is one such measure. Similarly, traditional pharmacy business should view the digital variant as an opportunity and adopt an integrated approach so that sales can grow in both channels and customers, in turn, receive an engaging experience irrespective of whether they are buying online or off the line.

Being an informed customer is important

It is indeed true that the internet has significantly impacted the way we work and live. Yet, when we seeking bargains for products that are otherwise inaccessible, online pharmacies offer mixed benefits. Therefore, it is important that customers invest in quality time understanding the nuances of dealing with businesses that are accessed through the digital world alone.

Australian online pharmacies have come as a boon for people who are short of the time go shopping and for those who live in remote areas needing the constant supply of medicines. As most of us do know, some parts of the country are indeed lowly populated and therefore the conveniences enjoyed by metropolitan life are not available to them. For this class of population, online pharmacies are immensely beneficial. Anonymity is another factor that aids the growth of online pharmacies. Many people prefer anonymity while buying certain personal products.

The prescription is compulsory under Australian Law

According to Australian law, every pharmacy including online pharmacies can dispense prescription medicines only against the prescription of a bonafide medical practitioner. Customers would also do well to ensure that they are accessing an Australian online pharmacy rather than any online pharmacy. This way, they can be doubly sure that the products received are not only according to the prescription but also in compliance with the law of the Land. Legitimate online pharmacies always list their contact information in full and that is one convenient tool in the hands of customers to ascertain that they are dealing with an Australian online pharmacy.

The convenience of repeat orders

A significant advantage with Australian online pharmacies is that once you are registered on the pharmacy portal with the required information, for your subsequent orders, you can simply add the desired medicines to your shopping basket and click the ‘buy’ button to complete the ordering process. However, if you need to add a new medicine, you may need to submit the related prescription before your order is processed.

Digital world to the aid of an ageing population

The average age of Australian population is about 37 years and about 15% of Australians are aged above 65 years. Online pharmacies are a boon to these senior citizens in particular since most of them may need a regular supply of medicines and go across to the counter can be a significant challenge even for those living in metropolitan cities, let alone those in rural Australia. Australian online pharmacy chains are already dominating the retail space for medicines. Medical consultation and prescription services are also available online now and this sector is experiencing strident growth. The acute shortage of GPs particularly in rural Australia and an ageing population of GPs presently practising will further add to the growth of online consultation and online prescription services.

Ask questions, compare prices

Yet another advantage with online pharmacies is your ability to ask questions, check answers and compare prices all within the comfort of your home. With the physical pharmacies, we hardly ever bother checking the prices or asking questions most of the time since we believe that everything is fair. Another reason for this attitude is that when you visit the pharmacy the available staff is busy dispensing medicines to other customers and therefore you need to wait for long before someone can speak to you. The following is a representative list of Australian online pharmacies to help you get started with the online pharmacy experience in Australia.

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